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Thank you for checking out our Gallery Page. We will post concepts, current projects and design work we have and are doing. You can click on the image to make it bigger. We work hard to come up with clean renders so you can enjoy what we have in mind. Let us know what you think. Also check out our Facebook and Instagram for videos (walk-troughs) we create to bring it to life! 

-Mountain Home design-

This is a (4) - 40' HC shipping container design with comfort and vacationing in mind. Large windows to allow for maximum sunlight and tree canopy visibility.

(30) - 320 watt solar panels can be added on the roof for off grid living. All exterior doors are covered!

-Canopy Home Addition-

We are more than just a home design company. We help with additions and remodels as well. A client asked us to design a 28'x40' canopy so they can have a large area to work on their cars and host backyard parties with their family. We rendered this to give them a sense of the scale of the canopy. Even has a gutter for water collection!

-VA Home-

So what is our plan? We want to help in need vets with a place to call home. These are 20' shipping containers turned temporary (can be made permanent) home have wide front doors (48") which means easy access even with a wheel chair. These homes are ADA compliant in every way. Cooled by a mini split system that will keep cool in the summer and hot in the winter.

The interior is fully furnished, just bring your clothes. The small kitchenette is fully decked out (fridge not shown in the render), plenty of room for storage and clothes. Comes equipped with a wall mounted TV, a twin bed, an exterior covered patio for soaking up the sun and relaxing. We plan on doing an entire community for vets which will include much more than just housing! Stay tuned.

-Homeless Shelter-

The idea to help those in need wouldn't be complete without the homeless getting some love too. We designed a single pod (for an individual) that is in need. This design is in a 10'L shipping container. Comes with everything necessary to help an individual succeed. 

The shelter would be apart of a large community. 8 pods per group with 2 pods sharing a full bathroom (separate structure). Each pod comes with a bed, table and chair, mini split A/C unit powered by solar panels, 2 LED lights inside and 1 exterior LED light. We will be adding more information about our overall plan to help the homeless in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more information.

-Homeless Shelter Bathroom-

The shelter complex needs bathrooms. This is the 20' HC shipping container that will do just that. As mentioned each pod group (groups of 4) will share a single 20' bathroom pod. This means 2 pods per bathroom. They come with a toilet, sink and shower. Fully ADA compliant, all LED lighting, 2 mini split A/C units (1 in each restroom) all fully powered by the solar panels on top.

We want this community complex to be fully self sustaining. This is the reason behind using solar panels in all our designs. The overall idea is to minimize costs to the city yet allow for a good comfort level to help individuals get back on their feet. We can help. Contact us for more information.

-20' Backyard Office-

You know, right now (mid 2020), it's tough to stay focused on work when working from home. Being distracted by your family, pets and regular day to day calls to the house can slow your progress. We designed this 20 foot backyard office so you can switch on to work mode and stay focused. With a full wall window giving you plenty of natural light and a wonderful view of your home/garden. 

-10' Portable Medical Pod-

Something we noticed that will be imperative in the coming months and years is portable medical pods that can be quickly and easily placed in parking lots or public spaces to immunize individuals safely and quickly.

This pod is 10' L x 8' W x 9'-6"H. It comes with a sink and storage space. The A/C is solar powered and so are the lights. Batteries can be added for evening use. 

What is needed is a small, efficient solution. These pods are inexpensive, efficient (with solar panels) and very easy to position. Can be placed on a trailer with a ramp to be ADA accessible. When placed on the ground, a basic 6' long by 6" high ramp can be placed at the door for accessibility. We hope to see many of these around the world in the coming years.

-10' Portable Pop Up Shop-

Do you have a small (or large) business and are trying to get more clients, but you don't want to open more brick and mortar stores? Get yourself a pop up! These are 10' L x 8'W x 9'-6"H structures. They can be open at the front (shipping container doors) or closed as shown above! 

This example is of an ice cream shop. Plenty of room inside for 2 employees. The shipping container doors open up and hold a awning in place giving you and the costumer some much needed shade during the crazy hot months (and a chance to stay dry during the rain!).  

-Veteran Affair Complex-

We want to not just give veterans a place to stay, we want to give them what they deserve... the respect and honor they are owed. That's why we are working on an entire community. We designed what we are calling the VA Complex. It will be a place veterans can go for all their needs from a pharmacy, a clinic, a mental health office, dentist, optometrist, a recreation center for large gatherings, a cafeteria + large scale kitchen, a gym, just to name the basics. 

This is one of CompCO Designs largest projects and we are very passionate about it. This design is also made with shipping containers, and a lot of them. We also have enough solar panels to power the entire building and then some. All entrances and facilities are ADA compliant. We want a major amount of light to fill this space, we want the building to be a hub for the surrounding community, we want it to inspire for the growth of the individual. Help us achieve this. Contact us for more information on how you can help make this a reality. 

-More projects to come-

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