We are residential / commercial designers that specialize in using unique materials for a greener, more durable structure.


Efficient. Sustainable. Durable. These are the things that we strive to apply to all our designs. 

The way current typical construction is done unfortunately has huge issues that haven't been addressed. One of the biggest issues is the waste. As you might of noticed with homes being built around your neighborhood, they normally end up with a large waste bin in front for all the scraps to go into. Some companies are now recycling what they can but more often than not, the waste ends up in a landfill. Bummer. 

We came up with a way to help mitigate this issue and this is what we do:

1. We use pier foundations. This helps to reduce waste because we don't need more than one form work (the wood that holds all the concrete in place until it sets).
2. We use shipping containers as the main structural element of the build. We cut down our lumber use by a lot more. And since all the shipping container modification is done off site in a controlled environment, the work is of higher quality.
3. We use the waste material (normally scrap wood) from typical construction for the exterior finishes.

Different right? Well, it's just the beginning. We think that typical construction, with the "cookie cutter" home is on it's way out the door. People are looking for places to live that has charm and most of all, a well designed floor plan. They want to have a chance to use the rain water for landscaping or grey water for the toilet. They want solar panels that can help reduce the need for grid power, giving them a chance at being independent, or at the very least, be able to take care of themselves during a power outage.

We want to bring all this to the housing market. America needs to become a cleaner, self sufficient country. And we can do that one home at a time. If everyone in America used solar panels on their home or if all the multi family complexes had a solar panel array on their roof, we would make a huge dent in electrical consumption. Obviously not everywhere is suitable for solar and rain retention only works in areas that get plenty of rain throughout the year.... but we can start in the places that do!

Ok! Long rant aside, we will bring you our current projects and concepts in the Gallery page.

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